Taylor Swift Fans Think She’s Getting Revenge On Scooter Braun By Releasing Mysterious ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ Cover

Taylor Swift had everybody talking Sunday after sharing a “cover” of her track “Look What You Made Me Do” on social media.

Swift claimed the cover, which appeared on the latest episode of “Killing Eve”, was sung by a band called Jack Leopards & The Dolphin Club, but only a quick Google search would prove the group actually didn’t exist.

Fans also noticed the original songwriters were credited online for the track — Fred Fairbrass, Jack Antonoff, Richard Fairbrass, Rob Manzoli, and Taylor Swift — however, the list claimed Nils Sjöberg and Jack Antonoff had produced it.

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People immediately recognized the name Nils Sjöberg, as that was the songwriting pseudonym Swift used on the track “This Is What You Came for”, which she wrote with then-boyfriend Calvin Harris.

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The name also appeared on the tombstone in the “LWYMMD” music video.

People now think Swift’s little plan was a way of getting back at Scooter Braun, whom she famously called out after he bought her former label Big Machine Records last year, giving him ownership over her first six studio albums.

Fans also think the man singing the “LWYMMD” cover was Swift’s brother Austin. It was previously reported the singer had “begged” Phoebe Waller-Bridge to let her brother sing on the “Killing Eve” soundtrack, the Daily Mail claimed back in February.

Social media users then pointed out the cover art featured a painting of a boy in a “dolphin club” t-shirt with his face covered, claiming it was a photo of Swift’s brother.

See more reaction to Swift’s alleged sneaky plan below.

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