Rose McGowan put a lot of work into exposing Harvey Weinstein.

In a new interview with Louis Theroux on the “Grounded” podcast, the actress discusses her attempts at getting her story known.

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“Honestly, it was really weird, but I started looking at how predators groomed kids and women and whoever they abused, and I used their tactics on the media,” McGowan said.

“I started following journalists all over the world,” she explained. “I started disseminating my tweets and my information to them, and they look at who’s verified that’s following them, and so just stuff I say would end up flooding worldwide news.”

McGowan said she used those tactics “on a regular basis,” explained that it was “because I had to train people in the media to listen to me differently, begrudgingly.”

She added the media “were very scared of me, because I don’t care.”

McGowan explained her choice of action: “I’ve been f***ed with so much in my life, I’m like, Why not do the scary thing, if it’s for the greater good.

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The actress also claimed that her decision to star in “Charmed” was also informed by her desire to make her sexual assault allegations against Weinstein known.

“So, like, when I [did] a popular TV show, I joined very strategically,” she said. “One, because it was a job and I couldn’t get one in film after I’d been blacklisted by Harvey, but two because it was already a hit worldwide and I knew when it came time to strike, the media would be listening because I had a global footprint.”