Pamela Anderson’s still got it.

During an exclusive interview with ET Canada‘s Carlos Bustamante, the Canadian-American actress talks about her son’s big break on reality TV, her new website “Jasmin“, and the possibility of a virtual cast reunion for “Baywatch” or “V.I.P.”.

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Thanks to the former show and tons of magazine and television appearances, Anderson has remained in the spotlight for almost three decades. But now, her son Brandon Thomas Lee is earning his own fame on “The Hills: New Beginnings”.

“I always say Brandon’s an incredible actor,” gushes Anderson. “You know, he’s taken a lot of acting classes, he’s very ambitious, he’s done some films and movies. And, you know, he really has no rules.”

Adds Anderson: “Brandon is a chameleon. He’s just invisible. An incredible, talented person. And he actually did a conversation today online about addiction and things he’s really passionate about.”

Lee, 23, recently posted an Instagram video in which he talks candidly about addiction, recovery, and the effects of social distancing and COVID-19, which makes his mom proud.

“I love listening to him,” says the model. “He’s talented, and ambitious, and gorgeous, and all those good things. You know I’m very lucky, he could have been a disaster! But it turned out pretty good!”

Anderson, who starred on “Baywatch” for five seasons and “V.I.P.” for four seasons, also shared whether she would be open to reuniting with her co-stars during isolation.

“Ugh, they all want cast reunions,” she jokes. “No I miss everybody. Even on ‘V.I.P.’, we were really close. We had a really close crew. But I don’t know. I kind of like to do new things.”

Something new Anderson is doing in isolation is partnering with “Jasmin“, the first webcam-based social platform that connects users with influencers via video calls, live sessions, and direct messaging.

“It’s about everything,” she explains. “We can talk about beauty, fitness, things that you’re interested in… Sometimes it’s easier to talk to a stranger than it is your best friend.”

Watch our full interview with Anderson below.