Ginger Zee’s ‘GMA’ At Home Broadcast Gets Interrupted By Adorable 2-Year-Old Son

Ginger Zee’s hungry son Miles made his “Good Morning America” debut last week.

The adorable 2-year-old dropped by his mom’s at-home broadcast set to ask for a donut.

Zee, and the rest of her “GMA” fam, are working from home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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“Donut!” little Miles exclaimed as he walked on set. “Obviously, I just got a little friend that walked in here and wants a donut,” Zee laughed while holding the youngster on her hip.

But Friday’s hilarious live-TV flub wasn’t the first time Miles interrupted, it was just the first time he made it to air.

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“We rarely have donuts and my son wandered into my shot today to once again (this happens almost every Friday) request a donut,” Zee explained in her caption on Instagram.

Adding, “He has had two donuts total in his life but he reads a book that has donuts in it everyday. So he is ALWAYS thinking about them.”

Miles and 4-year-old son Adrian, who she shares with husband Ben Aaron, make regular appearances on her Instagram page.

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