While Helen Mirren embraces her “sex symbol” title, she doesn’t quite get it.

During a chat with Woman Magazine, Mirren, 74, revealed she’s not even sure what “sex symbol” means.

“I don’t agree that I’m a sex symbol, the great thing about getting older is that you get over all that. You tend to think, ‘Sex symbol? What the f**k does that mean?’ There are so many other interesting things to be driven by,” she said.

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But Mirren admits it’s an honour, “It’s great and I’m not knocking it – it’s a fabulous part of life – but it’s only a part, it’s not everything. So I’ll take it, I’m not going to argue with it. But I’m not going to pay attention either.”

According to the iconic actress, she’s never been confident with her own looks, even letting it get in the way of her craft.

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“I wanted to be, you know, a skinny girl in black with a Gitane cigarette – and physically, I just wasn’t. I had to deal with what I had been given genetically, but, at the same time, not allow it to ruin my life,” Mirren said.

Adding, “Many actors exude confidence, I find it incredibly intimidating. More than once I’ve had to run away and lock myself in the lavatory, just to say, ‘Come on you can do this Helen.'”