Lisa Kudrow Reveals The ‘Friends’ Wrap Party Gift From Matthew Perry

Lisa Kudrow revealed Matthew Perry gave her a wrap party gift to mark the end of “Friends”.

Kudrow had a chat with Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, during which the host noticed the show memorabilia in the background.

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The actress, who is quarantining in Los Angeles with her son while her husband, Michel Stern, is in Palm Springs taking care of their vacation home renovation, explained how she kept the “Cookie Time” jar from the set, courtesy of Perry.

Explaining the story, Kudrow said how one of Phoebe’s lines in an episode was, “Ooh, I better get going!”

She then added, “Except I didn’t have a watch. It was too late when I realized I don’t have a watch, how do I know, ‘Ooh, I have to get going’? And so, as the words were coming out, I turned to that and said ‘Ooh, look at the time, I better get going!'”

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Perry joked, “Did you point to the cookie jar and say ‘Look at the time’?”

Kudrow also spoke about the “Friends” reunion special being postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. See more in the clip above.

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