We all remember Jeff Daniels as Jim Carrey’s incredibly stupid sidekick in the 1994 hit movie, Dumb And Dumber.

Well since then, the actor has smartened up for his role in The Newsroom, but he gets to dumb it down again soon for the sequel, Dumb And Dumber To and he tells us all about it on tonight’s show.

“Get ready world! I’m afraid it’s true! I’m afraid we’re going to step in front of the camera as Harry and Lloyd and dumb down culture as we know it once again!”; he reveals.

Jeff admits it is a bit difficult to go from one extreme to the next, “It’s just frightening! For an actor to go from Will to Harry Dunne, is just… the sheer drop.”;

Set to shoot the sequel – 20 years after the dimwits joined up on their first adventure, they search for one of their long lost children because they need a new kidney – this fall, Jeff says he’ll try not to fall back into his “Dumber”; character while on set of The Newsroom.

Find out what Jeff has to say about Season 2 of the series on tonight’s ET Canada!