Gordon Ramsay’s adorable 1-year-old son Oscar stole the show during the star’s interview with Kelly Clarkson Wednesday.

After seeing the little one’s cute chubby cheeks, Clarkson gushed: “Oh my gosh, do not do this to me! I so want another child and my husband is like ‘No, we have four.'”

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The “Kelly Clarkson Show” host added, “I know this is a weird statement, but I kinda want to eat your baby. So cute!”

As Ramsay then went to show Clarkson around his kitchen, he ended up bumping into the little one again, as he sat on the floor with his pots and pans.

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As the singer repeatedly said how much she wanted another kid, Ramsay’s wife Tana said: “I want another one too and I’ve had five, it’s crazy!”

However, an unsure Ramsay asked: “Seriously?”

The chef has been self-isolating with his wife and their other children Megan, 22, twins Holly and Jack, 20, and Matilda, 18, at their Cornwall, U.K. home.