Kamala Harris has herself a young fan in Hasan Minhaj’s daughter.

Minhaj and Harris were chopping it up in a video chat for the former’s Netflix show “Patriot Act”. Around the 12:45 mark of the video, the door behind Minhaj slowly creeps open. Minhaj didn’t seem to notice first but soon cracked a smile as he looked off-camera.

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“Just say ‘hi.’ I’m so sorry. She snuck in,” Minhaj chuckled while picking up his toddler daughter. “She snuck in.”

“Who is that!” Harris replied with a big smile, her jaw on the floor. “She’s an early voter,” Minhaj quipped. “Hi! Oh, how are you? Did you take a nap?” Harris asked. “She just woke up from a nap,” Minhaj replied.

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Minhaj passed off his daughter but the opportunistic child did not leave empty-handed. She managed to leverage the moment to obtain daddy’s watch. Minhaj apologized to Harris, but much like the viewers, she loved it.

“Are you kidding me? That’s perfect,” Harris exclaimed.