John Malkovich is getting passionate about cancel culture.

While promoting his upcoming Netflix comedy “Space Force”, co-starring Steve Carell, the actor chatted with New York Daily News about how quickly an entertainer’s career can change.

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“What’s funny yesterday becomes illegal today and the person uttering it must be cancelled,” he explained.

Malkovich added, “Outrage culture is as strong as it is toxic.”

But a quick retweet could upheave a career overnight, “Part of what makes [comedy] difficult is also the tidal wave of idiocy that can be created on social media in a day… the outrage mob.”

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Malkovich stars alongside Carell, Lisa Kudrow and Ben Schwartz in the Netflix comedy, following the group of people who are tasked with establishing the U.S. Space Force.

“Space Force” premieres May 29.