Noah Reid is bringing the summer feeling that many long for in his new “Got You” music video.

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Reid dropped the visuals for “Got You” one day before the official release of his new record, Gemini. Reid drove around Toronto getting shots for the video with help from friends taking part in a socially distanced, apart-together dance party.

“Back when life was normal, we used to throw parties (remember parties?) and often my fiance Clare and her sister Julia would make up these line dances and get a bunch of people learning the steps and doing it together, and it was just the best,” Reid said.

“We thought that would be a fun thing to do with the ‘Got You’ video, but obviously we can’t all be together at the moment,” he added. “So Clare and Julia made up a dance that was Noah-Proof (if I can do it, anyone can).”

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Reid welcomes fans to recreate the music video’s dance moves as part of the #GotYouDanceChallenge.