Kevin Smith has been keeping very busy while in lockdown.

The writer and director joined IMDb’s newly launched podcast, “Movies That Changed My Life”, revealing that he was able to finish the script since entering quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic.

During the candid chat, Smith admitted that despite the current climate, he’s doing “so good” because he’s been able to finish up a lot of projects, including “Twilight Of The Mallrats”.

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“I know you’re not supposed to say that in the middle of a pandemic, but I got to write ‘Twilight Of The Mallrats’, I got to go back into ‘Moosejaws’, I finished up ‘Masters Of The Universe’ for Netflix… so I’ve been trying to stay productive,” he revealed.

He added: “It’s the first version of ‘Twilight Of The Mallrats’, but it’s the second sequel script that I’ve written… there was one that I had written years ago called ‘Mallrats 2: Diehard In The Mall’.”

But Smith ended up using part of “Diehard In The Mall” for “Jay And Silent Bob Reboot”, because he felt it wasn’t the “Mallrats” fans know and love.

“So the second version of ‘Mallrats’… it more closely resembles what the world knows ‘Mallrats’ to be, a day in the life at this shopping centre,” Smith explained. “The whole movie is set against the backdrop of this dying behemoth that only Brodie wants to save.”

Smith starred in the original film from 1995 next to Jason Lee (Brodie), Claire Forlani (Brandi) and Ben Affleck.

While Affleck hasn’t confirmed if he would return to the sequel, Smith said Affleck’s character, Shannon Hamilton, will have a part in the upcoming flick.

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Meanwhile, according to Smith, the “Masters Of The Universe: Revelation” miniseries is near perfection.

“Man, it’s Shakespeare… it’s ‘Game Of Thrones’,” he spilled.

Adding, “But it’s not like everything you knew about these characters is B.S. or something like that. We honour what went before and out first episode is designed to feel like the next episode if they had kept going in the classic run.”

Mark Hamill lends his voice to the villainous Skeletor.

“He’s delicious,” Smith gushed about the “Star Wars” icon. “He’ll be very rough, and then he’ll be very broken… it’s so spellbinding.”

He added, “And watching him and Lena Headey bounce off one another was wonderful.” Headey voices Evil-Lyn in the series.

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