Zac Brown’s solo album The Controversy has been re-released with two new remixed songs.

Brown’s 2019 “Someone I Used To Know – Petey Radio Remix” gets a pop remix, while “Spend It All On You – Petey Remix” features new vocals with some upbeat tones.

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The Controversy also features collaborations with Skrillex, Sasha Sirota, Poo Bear, Benny Blanco, Andrew Watt, Max Martin and more.

“This album is an outlet for me to explore pop music, a broad category in its own right, without expectations and to be creative musically in other ways. I love my band and the music we create. We are all lucky enough to pursue our own projects in addition to our work as a group, and you’ll hear a lot of the guys on these tracks. To create The Controversy, not only was I able to work with some incredible new collaborators, but I also love being able to share different sounds – regardless of label or genre – with my fans,” Brown said in a statement.

The Controversy will be available to stream on all of the major music streaming platforms.