The 1975’s Matty Healy Deactivates Twitter Account After Backlash To Tweet About George Floyd

Matty Healy is no stranger to controversy, but the lead singer of The 1975 really stepped in it when he decided to share his thoughts on the death of George Floyd after his controversial arrest by a Minneapolis police officer.

While many celebrities have weighed in on the incident —  in which Floyd, a black man, died hours after a white police officer kneeled on his neck while making an arrest, despite his desperate pleas that he couldn’t breathe — Healy took to social media to share his thoughts.

It did not go well. In a tweet he issued on Thursday (and subsequently deleted) Healy wrote, “If you truly believe that ‘ALL LIVES MATTER’ you need to stop facilitating the end of black ones.”

Attached to the tweet was a link to The 1975’s song “Love It if We Made It,” which features lyrics about police brutality and racism.

Some fans took Healy to task for using a man’s tragic death to promote the band’s music, leading Healy to delete the tweet and issue an apology.

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“Sorry I did not link my song in that tweet to make it about me it’s just that the song is literally about this disgusting situation and speaks more eloquently than I can on Twitter,” he wrote, according to Variety.

Sadly, Healy then reposted his original message and the link to the video, which caused the Twitterverse to be even more ticked off. As a result, he wound up deleting his account entirely.




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