Madison Beer is speaking out after being hit by backlash over an emotional video she shared about a controversial subject.

On Thursday, Beer took to Twitter to defend a TikTok video defending herself against claims that she underwent plastic surgery, becoming emotional when she insisted that “this is literally my f**king natural face… I’m about to start crying, bro.”

However, Beer’s video was slammed for her timing, with critics taking her to task for complaining about “people calling her pretty” when protests are erupting about the death of George Floyd.

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Beer took to Twitter to address the bizarre controversy, admitting to “poor timing” and issuing an apology.


“In no world was what i was upset about in the same STRATOSPHERE as ANYTHING going on, but as someone who’s struggled with my relationship with food for years, i saw a video and acted in a moment of hurt & went live. i was in no way trying to negate or compare to what is going on,” she explained, adding that she absolutely supports the Black Lives Matter movement.

She added that it was “all I want to talk about,” and continued: “I will not f**king stop until justice is served for all the lives we’ve so unjustly and unfairly lost.”

Since then, Beer has publicly supported movements spurred by Floyd’s death. She also plans to raise money for Floyd’s family directly or the Minnesota Freedom Fund.