Gal Gadot Reveals How Playing A Hero Has Affected Her Personally, Talks Kristen Wiig & Chris Pine’s Roles In ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

Gal Gadot reveals how playing a heroic character like Wonder Woman has affected her personally in a new interview with Parade.

Gadot will star in “Wonder Woman 1984”, the sequel to the successful 2017 flick.

The Israeli actress shares, “I think about my character in my real life. When I do something, I wonder if it’s appropriate for Wonder Woman. She’s a big part of me.”

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She adds of why she thinks the movie was so welcomed: “People were waiting for a female-driven story in such an authentic way. It’s funny to say the word ‘authentic’ because she’s a superhero but we were telling the story from a female perspective and we made sure the story was universal.

“For men, women, boys, girls, everyone. She wasn’t this tough, bad-ass woman who had it all figured out. She had fears and worries, and we enjoyed exploring her imperfections and vulnerabilities. Those are the things that are truthful in humankind. We were able to make the character grounded this way and be accessible and approachable.”

Gadot also talks about Kristen Wiig and Chris Pine’s characters in the eagerly anticipated film, set to be released in August.

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She says of Wiig, “I’m so happy Kristen said yes to this. She became a very close friend of mine. She’s so talented, so smart, and she really has the range. Yes, Barbara is a character that starts off vulnerable and insecure. Then she transitions into someone dark and menacing. Diana sees many things in Barbara that she would like to have, and Barbara feels the same about Diana. Honestly, she’s my favourite villain. She’s so bad-ass and sexy and funny and sophisticated.”

Gadot adds of Pine’s character Steve Trevor, who seemingly died at the end of “Wonder Woman”, “He is there. Look, Chris Pine has been an integral part of the franchise. We were so sad that his character died. I’m so happy [director] Patty Jenkins and [co-screenwriter] Geoff Johns were able to find a way to bring him back in the story and bring him back in such a clever way. We never would have done it if it didn’t fit the story.”

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