SZA is less than thrilled with Lana Del Rey’s recent comments.

Last week, Del Rey posted online to denounce the idea that she glorifies abuse in her music. In an effort to make her point, she called out primary black female artists including Beyonce and Cardi B. She has since tried to clear up her statement but it hasn’t stopped people from labelling her words as racist.

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SZA indirectly addressed Del Rey’s comments in a number of tweets with fans.

“Black women (and men) work very hard to be seen as soft and non-threatening. We want to be seen as GENTLE, soft, ethereal beings too. Apply this to who it may 😒,” she tweeted. “Yeah, she really lost me with that one, especially with mentioning who she mentioned. Women who lay their hearts out in their artistry.”

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“That s**t really hurt me,” SZA continued. “Like huh? Just cause Meg[an Thee Stallion] wears latex and Kehlani [has] got tattoos and Bey’ wore a buret at the Super Bowl… They [are] not capable of vulnerability sensitivity fear and softness?.. GTFFFFFFFF.”

Del Rey has not publicly responded to SZA’s comments.