Olaf might be the breakout star of Disney’s “Frozen” but Josh Gad, who voices the adorable snowman, says his daughters aren’t impressed.

“My girls really wish Moana was their father,” Gad said while on “The Graham Norton Show”.

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“I have to remind them Olaf pays for their school and Olaf pays for the roof over the head,” he added. “So Olaf isn’t going anywhere as long as they want to keep eating and drinking.”

Gad then showed Norton the “special” edition to his office, a life-size Olaf statue.

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“It is so unnecessarily big,” Gad continued while laughing. “The day is came to my house it came in a crate that was straight out of ‘Raiders of the Lost Arc’ and my wife was ready to divorce me because she had no idea why I would be receiving something this large without running it by her first.”

Gad was given the ultimatum of putting it in his office or throwing it away. After the help of three men moving the statue, Olaf found his home in Gad’s office.