Chris Evans Bought His Dog Dodger A Cable Knit Sweater To Match The One He Wore In ‘Knives Out’

Chris Evans might have made headlines for his cable knit sweater from “Knives Out”, but now his dog Dodger is taking the title of “Cable Knit King.”

Evans joined Graham Norton for an at-home episode of “The Graham Norton Show” on Friday, where he chatted about the headline-making outfit he wore in the film.

“They loved the plot of ‘Knives Out’ and the characters, of course, but they also loved the cable knit sweater,” Norton said to the actor.

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Evans laughed, “Who doesn’t love a cable knit? It’s my favourite thing about living in Massachusetts, you get a good six-month window where cable knit works.”

After Norton read out some of the headlines Evans and the sweater made, the star admitted, “That’s my goal in my career, to try and let some sort of prop or inanimate object do the heavy lifting and then take all the credit.”

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But it’s Dodger, Evans’ adorable pup, who’s making headlines now.

While the doggo looked adorable in the puppy-sized sweater, Evans admitted, “He hated it.”

“Knives Out” was nominated in three Golden Globe categories, including Best Motion Picture, Music or Comedy, and had one Oscar nomination.

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