Niecy Nash is heartbroken over the death of George Floyd as a black woman and as a U.S. citizen, but more importantly as a mother.

Nash appeared on CNN to talk about the horrible murder of Floyd following a police detainment. Nash expressed how troubled she was with how Minneapolis police officers handled Floyd, but she also used the platform to share a story about her own son.

“I’m sad, I’m angry, I’m broken-hearted, and more importantly, I’m afraid. My son left my house the other day, he was stopped by the police,” Nash shared. “He came back and said, ‘Mama, I did a rolling stop through a stop sign.’ He said, ‘I know I was wrong. But when they pulled me over, it was two cops and one came and tapped on the window with his taser.”

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“‘They asked for my license and registration. I gave it to them. Insurance, the whole nine.’ While they were running his ID and all of that, one of them said, ‘How did you afford this car? What do you do?’ When his license came back clean and everything was good, the guy with the taser — who never put it away — said, ‘Today is your lucky day,'” she continued.

Nash said the death of Floyd only served to reinforce what she already knew.

“What do I tell my son?” the “Reno 911!” actress asked. “I don’t know how to tell you to not be afraid. And the people who we pay to protect and serve are beating and killing.”

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Nash also spoke with “Good Morning America” on Friday. The cast of “Reno 911!” donated $10,000 to help pay for Floyd’s funeral costs.

“Our entire cast is brokenhearted about the passing of George Floyd and prayerfully this donation will be a small step towards healing for his family,” Nash told “GMA”.

One of the fired Minneapolis police officers at the heart of the viral Floyd arrest video has been charged with third-degree murder.

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