Hugh Jackman Shares A Picture Of Warring ‘Deadpool’ And ‘Wolverine’ Cakes While Taking A Jab At Ryan Reynolds

Hugh Jackman has found a way to turn something as wholesome as a young boy’s birthday party into a dig at Ryan Reynolds.

Jackman and Reynolds had signalled a cease-fire to their long-running frenemy feud. However, it lasted about a month. On Thursday, Jackman posted an Instagram photo celebrating a boy named Sam’s 8th birthday party. The image shows Sam hovering over warring “Deadpool” and “Wolverine” cakes.

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Sam wore a “Wolverine” mask and “Deadpool” tee. All things even, Sam seemed to show his ultimate allegiance by crossing his arms into an X and fashioning his fingers into mini-claws.

“Sam celebrated his 8th birthday with duelling #wolverine and #deadpool cakes,” Jackman captioned the image. “I think it’s crystal clear who won the battle. Don’t you?”

A few weeks ago, Jackman told “Good Morning America” he would ease off on Reynolds out of respect for the latter’s wife, Blake Lively.

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“It is not over. But look, we’re in extraordinary times. [My wife] actually said to me, really, this is a time to rethink all that and maybe it’s time to build a bridge,” Jackman said at the time. “I wasn’t ready for that, but then Blake [Lively] reached out.”

“Blake and Deb have been brokering this thing and we came up with participating in the All-In Challenge,” he added. “We’ve been reaching out to Blake, we talked to her, ’cause can you imagine quarantine, stuck in the house with Ryan? It must be brutal for her.”

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