John Legend and Kanye West aren’t that close anymore, particularly after West supported Trump through tweets.

The “All Of Me” singer had sent text messages to West after he publically supported Trump on Twitter, asking him to reconsider his view.

He later said he was “disappointed” in West but wouldn’t “disown” him over the statements, adding that they were “never the closest of friends” anyway.

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“I don’t think we’re less friends because of the Trump thing. I just think we’re doing our own thing,” Legend told The Times. “He’s up in Wyoming. I’m here in LA. We’ve both got growing families and I no longer have a formal business relationship with him as an artist, so I think it’s just part of the natural cycle of life.”

Legend added that when they are together, they try to not speak about politics. “But what I’ve always said is, we never talked about politics before. It was never a part of our interaction. Our interaction was almost always about creativity and music.”

“He’s also in a different place musically. He’s doing gospel music. That’s what he’s focused on right now, designing his clothes, so we’re in different places,” he continued.

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West has recently become very focused on his Sunday Services, something that Legend would like to attend if given the chance.

“I would like to go,” he said to the publication, “and I felt like I probably would end up going, but it just never happened, and now he’s up in Wyoming.”

Legend, his wife Chrissy Teigen and their two children live mostly in Los Angeles while West has bout a ranch in Wyoming that he spends his time at when not in L.A. with wife Kim Kardashian and the family.