Alan Carr Looks Back At His Wedding Which Adele Planned And Officiated

Alan Carr’s wedding planner was none other than Adele–a part he claims made the singer feel like Jennifer Lopez in “The Wedding Planner”.

Carr and Paul Drayton married in 2018 and asked good friend Adele to help with the planning.

“It was amazing. Adele organised it in her back garden in LA – it was absolutely gorgeous,” Carr told Heat magazine.

The comedian added that not only did the “Make You Feel My Love” singer officiate the big day, she also paid for it.

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“I tried to give her some money and she said, ‘My treat ahahahaha’. She’s just adorable. She’s the sweetest person,” Carr said before explaining it was her idea to officiate. “She offered. She brought her clipboard out and said, ‘I feel like Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner!'”

But why stop there? Adele attended to every little detail.

“She even got photos of mine and Paul’s parents and the dogs, so it felt like they were at the wedding,” he recalled. “It was the perfect day. It was the best day of my life. If I’d organised it, it would have been at a Harvester.”

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The two are still close and Carr has said the star’s recent weight loss has caused many to question him just how much she has changed.

“I get asked a lot of loaded questions about her, like, ‘has she changed? I suppose you don’t see much of her now…?’ But she has not changed one bit and she always has time for you,” he concluded.

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