Ashely Graham is gracing the cover of Harper’s Bazaar UK in a particularly intimate shoot taken at her childhood home in Nebraska and shot by her husband Justin Ervin.

Graham, Ervin and their newborn son Issac, 5-months-old, left New York during the pandemic on a whim to head to Graham’s mother’s house in Nebraska after she suggested it.

“I thought we’d only be away a couple of weeks. Justin had just made a lamb roast, and he said, ‘We’re not throwing this away’, so we put it in the back of the car and that was what we ate on the trip,” Graham recalled.

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The model has now had to adjust and figure out how to continue working from their temporary home, “We’ve figured out how to shoot my podcast, ‘Pretty Big Deal’, remotely. But I’m also handling newborn stuff every day. The good thing is if I tilt my computer screen upwards, I can feed the baby without anybody seeing.”

Working from home also included Ervin, typically a film director, shooting his wife for the cover.

“Justin saw this one little white house on a hill, and that became the focal point for the whole shoot,” Graham said. “I did the styling and help art direct. Michael [Ashley’s mother’s boyfriend] was Justin’s PA, lighting man, assistant, the guy who did the Starbucks run. My mom was taking care of Isaac the whole time, carrying him in a front-facing sling, but she was also holding a light reflector. Everyone knew their role, but man, it was a lot of work.”

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Yet, there has been a “silver lining” of quarantine, being able to slow down and enjoy the first moments of Issac’s life.

Graham said, “The silver lining is having all of these incredible, special moments with Isaac, and the nostalgia of being with my son in the home I grew up in. I’ve had time to focus, and I’m so grateful.”

Part of the interview included a sweet message from Graham to Issac.

“Even though we miss our NYC home, we’ve had the unexpected opportunity to temporarily raise you in the house where I grew up, with the company and help of your loving grandparents. Whenever I’m here, I’m reminded of the values my mother instilled in me that I hope to teach you: trust your faith, always treat people with kindness, generosity and respect, and practise gratitude every day,” the mother of one wrote.

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