Ryan Seacrest And Kelly Ripa Talk Minneapolis Protests, George Floyd’s Death: ‘Our Country Is Responding With Frustration, Sadness & Hurt’

Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa spoke about the Minneapolis protests on Monday’s “Live with Kelly and Ryan”.

Seacrest began the show by telling viewers: “Good morning. It is June 1st, a very difficult day in our nation, a difficult day for us to frankly come on the air and do what we do. What happened to George Floyd was so wrong and you’re seeing our country respond with frustration, sadness, and hurt. People want their voices to be heard.

“I think it’s important to point out — the coverage has seen a lot about damage, but the majority of the people around the country are peaceful protestors who want to be heard and should be heard and need to be heard right now.”

Ripa added, “You’ve said it right there. It’s hard for us, it’s hard for you and me specifically to know the right thing to say because we don’t know what it’s like. We cannot speak to the experience of people of colour in this country. We simply cannot. And to do so would be insulting. But I will say, what I’ve found hopeful is what’s not being covered. The majority peaceful protest.”

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She mentioned a protest in her hometown of Camden, New Jersey, telling viewers: “I’m just so proud of the people and the officers who came together. That’s the police chief right there, Chief Wysocki, [he] said it was important for him to take part in this demonstration.

“They called it a unity walk. There were so many instances across the country of people who want to, need to, and deserve to be heard and I think that Camden, NJ, is just one such instance, there were places — Houston, Santa Cruz, Norfolk, Corel Gables, so many different instances of the citizens and the police force coming together, working together, hearing each other.”

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Seacrest continued, “I’m thinking about some of those photos you showed and hearing from people across the country from other police officers that were hearing the chant ‘walk with us’ and this officer took off his belt and put all his weapons down and he high-fived the protestors and he did, he walked with them and it was a moment of merging that was symbolic in a way.”

He explained how he was talking to some of the protesters on his radio show that morning, with the people saying how “impactful” it was “to get together with people of all colours in many of these protests” and taking the conversations back home to their families.

“We’re talking about it in so many different ways. We’re seeing a lot of the damage and destruction but the peaceful protesting is the story and she said that that conversation is going home with people. We really believe in the right to assemble peacefully and have your voice be heard. So this morning it is a tough day and I think the nation is hurting,” Seacrest shared.

Ripa finished up, “When you feel so strongly that your rights are being violated that you are willing to go out in the middle of a pandemic and crowd together — and these were people across racial lines and every gender, you name it, every person was represented in what I saw at least on the news. [Most people] believe that we are all equal and deserve equal rights and it’s about finding ways to achieve that.”

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