Laura Harrier discusses turning 30 in lockdown, how she’s grown in isolation and more in a new interview with Porter.

Harrier, who has been busy promoting her new Netflix series “Hollywood” from home, says of being in quarantine: “I’ve learnt that I’m really bad at being alone. I’m someone who’s always surrounded by people, so maybe it’s a good thing and I’ll take this time to learn to be a bit more introspective and to slow down.”

“Usually my life is constantly moving, travelling, working, and it’s very rare that I’m at home. This is definitely the longest I’ve been in L.A. – ever.”

Photographed by Sonia Szóstak for Porter, NET-A-PORTER.COM
Photographed by Sonia Szóstak for Porter, NET-A-PORTER.COM

Harrier, who turned 30 on March 28, reveals she had a party to celebrate the milestone birthday, but insists she’ll be having another one next year as well.

“I thought I’d turn 30 and feel this whole shift, but I kind of feel the same. There are goals and personal achievements that I would like to work towards, but it’s strange when everything feels on pause,” she says. “I’m having a 30th birthday again next year. 31? I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

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When questioned what she did to celebrate, Harrier, who describes the showbiz industry as “isolating” at times, shares: “I actually got my dress [a scarlet and fuchsia Solace London one-shoulder mini] from Net-A-Porter for my Zoom birthday party! It was black tie, and everybody dressed up. I’ve really enjoyed having specific days where it’s like, ‘No, we’re going to make an effort’ and change out of sweatpants and try to feel normal.”

Photographed by Sonia Szóstak for Porter, NET-A-PORTER.COM
Photographed by Sonia Szóstak for Porter, NET-A-PORTER.COM

The actress goes on to talk about how she feels as a biracial woman and is asked whether she ever feels frustrated being categorized as a spokesperson or activist, simply for speaking out on subjects she’s passionate about.

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“Being a black woman is something beautiful and it ties us together in a really special way, but I’ve never wanted to say that my life is the same as anyone else’s. I always find it a bit strange when I’m asked what it means to be a black woman in Hollywood,” Harrier tells the mag.

“I don’t know what it’s like to be anything other than a black woman in Hollywood! I can tell you what it’s like for me, Laura, but I don’t want to speak for other people. I want to be a champion, I want to support us, and I want to be representational for us. There were so few women that I could look at growing up and connect with on screen. If I can do that for some girls, I’m more than happy to and feel like I’ve done my job.”