Rachel Lindsay joined the protests happening across the United States on Sunday and called her experience “peaceful” and “beautiful”.

The former “Bachelorette” joined Van Lathan on his podcast, “Higher Learning”, and got candid about her time on the streets protesting the death of George Floyd.

Lindsay and her husband Bryan Abasolo joined the demonstration in his hometown of Miami.

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Photo: Instagram/RachelLindsay
Photo: Instagram/RachelLindsay

“It’s not my first time protesting. It was peaceful. It was beautiful,” she told Lathan. “I heard beautiful speeches. It was beautiful to see so many people in unity marching and protesting for what they believed in and the injustices they’re facing in this country.”

While she joined the many people fighting for change, Lindsay revealed she noticed others who were “completely unbothered” by the demonstrations. “I cross over a bridge and it’s just another day to pull out the yachts. It’s just another day for you to have drinks with your friends.”

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“It hit me so hard,” she added. “It’s just such a harsh reality that what we deal with and what other people don’t have to deal with because it doesn’t directly affect them.”

But Lindsay says she feels some responsibility and a “burden” to use her platform to bring attention to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, especially as the first and only black “Bachelorette”.

“My audience on social media does not look like me. The majority of my audience is white women, and I have a lot of people who are looking at me,” she said. “One of my purposes for being part of this franchise that I never knew anything about before is for a time like this—to speak to an audience that I never really would have had that opportunity to before.”

Ariana Grande, Jamie Foxx and Halsey were other stars to hit the streets over the weekend to join the protests.