Seth Rogen Tells Anyone Disagreeing With His Black Lives Matter Post To ‘F**k Off’

Seth Rogen was praised online this week after responding to followers who had something to say about his Black Lives Matter post.

Rogen shared the post in question on Instagram, urging people to unfollow him if they found it at all controversial.

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He then told people to “f**k off” if they took umbrage with it.

One person wrote, “I like ‘All Lives Matter’,” to which he responded: “I like f**k you.”

Another saw Rogen insist, “F**k off. You don’t deserve my movies anymore. Stop watching my s**t,” in response to “Why do all these brutality videos only show the end? They don’t show wtf these people were doing to get in trouble in the first place.”

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Fans immediately praised the actor, with one saying he deserved to be in the running for president given his responses. See more below.

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