Alec Baldwin Defends Woody Allen In New ‘Here’s The Thing’ Podcast Episode

Alec Baldwin is coming to the defense of defamed director Woody Allen once again.

The actor took to Instagram on Tuesday to promote his new episode of his podcast, “Here’s The Thing”, featuring an interview with Allen.

The filmmaker was accused by his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, of molesting her in 1992 when she was just 7-years-old. Allen has denied the allegations.

“Woody Allen’s new book, Apropos of Nothing, starts with a portrait of his father, a tough-guy WWI Navy veteran and onetime gunman in a firing squad,” Baldwin captioned a photo of Allen on Instagram on Tuesday, promoting the new episode. “It’s the first of a series of surprising, fascinating stories from a life that went from working-class Jewish Brooklyn in the 1940s to movie sets in Rome and Paris. The book also addresses the accusation of an incident of sexual abuse levelled by Dylan Farrow. Allen and Alec cover it all — plus how he’s doing in the age of coronavirus — in this candid and wide-ranging interview.”

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In a second post, Baldwin says working with Allen, including on the hit film “To Rome With Love”, is a “highlight” of his career.

“I’ve worked on three Woody Allen films, each being a highlight of my career,” he wrote. “Today he joins me on my podcast and we talk about everything from his mentors to his method of directing, and the accusation of sexual abuse.”

This isn’t the first time Baldwin has defended the movie mogul, in 2018 he tweeted: “One of the most effective things Dylan Farrow has in her arsenal is the ‘persistence of emotion.’ Like Mayella in TKAM, her tears/exhortations are meant to shame you into belief in her story. But I need more than that before I destroy someone, regardless of their fame. I need a lot more.”

This time he’s also being hit with backlash for his timing, given it is Black Out Tuesday amid the protests calling for justice over the police killing of George Floyd.

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On Tuesday, fans of Baldwin slammed the actor for his podcast promotion posts, calling him out for his “exceptionally bad timing,” as all of social media has gone silent for #BlackOutTuesday in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Baldwin responded to a fan, defending himself and Allen once again, writing, “As for the perceived lack of sensitivity re: BlackOutTuesday, I had no idea about this … national day of whatever.”

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