Kelly Clarkson wants to see more peace in the streets.

On Monday, the singer and talk show host retweeted a video showing Kansas City police violently detaining a black protester after he did nothing more than shout at them from a distance.

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“Where are all the ‘free speechers’ on this?” Clarkson tweeted.

Later, Clarkson followed it up with a tweet calling out the looters in various cities who have been breaking into stores during the protests.

“There is so much chaos and confusion happening right now so please don’t just pay attention to the selfish idiots that are looting and tearing us apart even more, and see the hope, and the empathy, and hear the conversation from true leadership like all the people in this video,” she said in the first tweet, which has since been deleted, according to the Daily Mail.

After receiving some pushback from a follower, she added, “I live & am currently n LA with sirens going off, police everywhere, living under constant curfews, places being looted & broken into & having 2 explain this to my children so I understand BUT those looters that r selfish &taking advantage don’t care about any lives but their own.”

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The response prompted more online criticism, so Clarkson clarified her position further:

Cities across America have continued to institute curfews, as protests over the killing of George Floyd and police violence against black people have rapidly spread.