Shaquille O’Neal spoke about George Floyd’s death and the protests around the world on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

O’Neal, who has law enforcement training and once considered running for sheriff, told Kimmel: “There’s an old saying that goes, ‘What’s right is right, what’s wrong is wrong.’ And what happened to George Floyd was all-the-way wrong.

“I’ve never seen that technique taught. A lot of police officers I talked to would never do that. Everybody’s upset. Everybody’s tired. We demand justice. They tried to appease us by arresting one guy but it was four officers out there. And I think people are just sick and tired.”

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“I don’t condone that,” the former athlete said of some people breaking into stores and starting riots, “but I am for peaceful protests and I am for justice.

“I wish we would have somebody in a leadership position in the White House that would bring people together. I really miss Obama, I think he would’ve handled this situation with class and with honour.”

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O’Neal continued, “I never met Mr. Floyd but I’m good friends with one of his best friends, Stephen Jackson, and according to Stephen he was a great man.”

See more in the clip above.