Stephen Colbert says U.S. President Donald Trump’s recent photo-op contradicts his alleged support for peaceful protests.

Police violently dispersed protesters near St. John’s Episcopal Church on Monday using tear gas. Trump later arrived to deliver a short speech and take part in a photo-op while hoisting a Bible over his head.

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He also threatened to instate martial law so that the military could quell riots and looting.

“So in response to protests about police brutality you’re threatening to send in the army to crush them,” Colbert said on Global’s “The Late Show” on Tuesday. “That’s like forgetting your child’s birthday and apologizing by sending in the army to crush them.”

Colbert explained that releasing the military on U.S. citizens is not as simple as pushing a button. The Posse Comitatus Act requires the government to obtain permission from Congress before the military can be used to enforce domestic law.

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“Unfortunately,” said Colbert, “Donald Trump never asks before he grabs us by the Posse.”

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