In a new interview, William Shatner opens up about not watching “Star Trek” and what he’s been up to under quarantine.

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The 89-year-old actor who starred as Captain James T. Kirk in the iconic original series, admitted to The Guardian that he doesn’t watch “Star Trek”.

“Patrick Stewart is a great friend of mine, but I haven’t seen ‘Star Trek: Picard’,” he said of the recent spin-off. “I haven’t watched any ‘Star Trek’. I just don’t like watching myself on television.”

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Shatner also talked about how he’s been keeping busy under quarantine.

“I’m in a ferment of creativity,” he said. “I’m making music and dreaming up new shows – I’m trying to sell two or three series to the networks right now. I’m finishing up a blues album that I started before coronavirus hit. At the same time, I’ve been working with a poet and a musician in New York. I perform the words on an iPhone and once I email it he writes the accompaniment, so I’ve got another album all ready.”