Reporter Apologizes To Cardi B For Claiming She Promotes Violence At Protests

A KTLA reporter is apologizing to Cardi B after feeling the wrath of her English language mastery.

Los Angeles news station KTLA aired a segment on Monday about celebrity responses to George Floyd protests.

The station aired a clip of Cardi, 27. Reporter Doug Kolk accused the “Press” rapper of using “her massive platform to promote the violence,” per Stereo Gum.

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Cardi had no shortage of colourful and creative language for Kolk.

“KTLA SUCK MY D**K. I’m not promoting violence in promoting the PROTEST,” she tweeted. “@DougKolk why your no lip square head having a** ain’t put the part where I said to vote? You cottage cheese breath having b**ch. Why don’t you post how a conservative Christian Trump supporter post my address and encourage people to loot my home?”

The reporter subsequently apologized.

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“I apologize to @iamcardib if I took her words out of context,” Kolk eventually tweeted in response. “I respect her for using her platform to connect with people during these difficult times and it was wrong of me to not let her full voice be heard. I will make sure that is corrected during my next segment.”

“I made the mistake of interpreting her post strictly on a surface level, and I knew I was wrong when the tweets started rolling in,” Kolk continued in another segment that aired on KTLA. “I can assure you there was no conspiracy and it wasn’t my intention to be misleading. It strictly came down to a man who needed an education lesson.”

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