Gary Clark Jr. Delivers Powerful Message On Racism: ‘I’m Tired Of Being Angry’

Gary Clark Jr. directly addressed racism in America with his blistering 2019 single “This Land”, and as protesters hit the streets throughout the world he has even more to say.

The guitarist took to Instagram earlier this week to share his thoughts on the death of George Floyd and the ensuing outrage.

“I’ve been quiet a few days because I don’t know what to say,” Clark says in a video he posted. “I’ve been thinking everything…but I’m tired. I don’t have any more words. I said everything I needed to say on the record I think. Express myself to all kinds of press and ended up being that guy in the little box on whatever news program talking about this s**t. I’m tired of crying on TV. I’m tired of being angry. I’m tired of being sad about it, tired of feeling depressed and anxious and f**ked up.”

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He shared his feeling that “every time I walk out of my goddamn house, I could die today. I’m a six-foot-four Black man. I’m probably some of y’all’s worst nightmare. If you didn’t know me, I’ve seen you walk across the street at night while I’m standing out front of my hotel smoking. I seen you clutch your s**t on the subway. We just want to wake up in the morning, go and make the most out of what we can, get what we can for ourselves and for our family and go the f**k back home. That’s all. Why’s it so hard? Why is that a worry and a challenge?”

Clark ends his missive by encouraging non-Black people to educate others about discrimination. “You got direct access to those people who are f**king it up for everybody,” he says. “Talk to them. That’s your family, that’s your demographic, those are your fans, those are your supporters.”

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He also encourages them to teach their children in hopes of ending the cycle. “Talk to your people and raise your children up,” he concludes. “Show them love and light so they can return and be beautiful gifts and share with you what they saw in the world, how they were opening and full of love. Let them go out and be a part of the world and work together. That’s how we’ve made it so far. Don’t f**k up the dream for everybody because you can’t say nothing. You don’t get to eat off of us and then leave us to die, or just leave us some scraps. And you’re over there, and let it be known then.”

Clark followed that up with a call to arrest the other officers involved in the arrest that led to Floyd’s death.

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