James Corden is doing Justin Trudeau a solid.

On Wednesday’s “The Late Late Show”, the host played the viral clip of the Canadian prime minister taking 21 seconds to respond to a question about Donald Trump’s use of force against peaceful protesters.

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“I honestly thought the video was frozen,” Corden joked. “Somebody needs to unplug the prime minister and then plug him back in. In the time it took him to give an answer, you could have watched an entire series on Quibi.”

Corden then made the clip “more forgiving” by asking Trudeau much tougher questions.

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“Mr. Prime Minister, if ice cream melts, does it become soup?” Corden asks, before cutting to Trudeau silently thinking up his answer.

Other hilarious questions include, “Can you imagine Vin Diesel with a luxurious full head of hair?” and, “How come Goofy and Pluto are the same kind of animal, but Goofy wears clothes and talks, but Pluto is just a regular-a** dog?”