Van Jones Reveals What Gives Him Hope During Such A Devastating Time, Says ‘I’ve Never Seen African-Americans So Hurt’

Van Jones discusses George Floyd’s death and the ensuing protests around the world on Thursday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

Jones, who is the CEO of REFORM Alliance, tells DeGeneres what gives him hope in the wake of yet another tragic incident of police brutality in the Black community.

The CNN political commentator says, “The worst part about this is there is a way out of this. I’ve never seen African-Americans so hurt, just devastated. As a parent, we kind of sprinkle this fairy dust on our kids, this situation just broke all of us because there’s nothing you can tell your child that would save them from a brute like that, a sadist like that in a uniform.”

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Jones continues, “The reason I’m starting to feel more hopeful is that leaders are starting to rise up,” adding that a lot of white Americans now “just want to know what to do.”

“There is hope, it’s just hard as hell right now to keep hanging on to it when what you see on TV just gets worse and worse and worse.”

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Jones also says in response to people saying “All Lives Matter”, that “Black Lives Matter” really just means “Black Lives Matter, Too”.

He adds of what Black people are going through now, “It’s invisible, then suddenly one day the whole world can see it, and that’s the horrific tragedy of it, that it takes something like this to make it visible in the most brutal form, a reality that exists in other forms all of the time.”

Jones also emphasizes that many people are missing the common ground between protestors and police – both don’t want lawlessness. See more in the clip below.

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