Things got tense among Denise Richards, husband Aaron Phypers, and her co-stars on Wednesday night’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”.

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The drama kicked off when Denise revealed she had not brought her daughters — Sami, 16, Lola, 15, and Eloise, 9 — to a barbecue at Kyle Richards’ house.

The “Wild Things” star admitted she was uncomfortable with her children being around her castmates after they spoke loudly about having threesomes during a previous get-together.

This prompted multiple women to call out Denise for “mom-shaming” them.

“When you say, ‘I don’t feel comfortable bringing my kids around this group’…” Teddi Mellencamp began before Phypers cut her off.

“No, wait. I’m gonna step in here because it’s, like, ridiculous,” he said. “I’m sorry. It’s ridiculous. Everyone came over to our home, we shared bread with you. All we said, and it’s so simple, our kids, they’re teenagers. Just please know that they’re right there and they can hear you. Know your surroundings. That’s it. So what is the issue here?”

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As Mellencamp tried to explain the situation from her perspective, Phypers claimed that she was “making an issue out of nothing.”

“Really, big guy? Does this make you feel good? Do you feel powerful? Do you feel strong? Oh yeah, it’s so sexy when you put women down,” Mellencamp said in her confessional after calling Phypers an “a**hole.”

Garcelle Beauvais then stepped up to defend Denise. “Even if Denise said, ‘You know what, I don’t want to bring my children around this group,’ it’s her right if she really feels that way.”

“Garcelle, it feels like a passive-aggressive, like, mom-shaming,” Kyle said.

“What’s passive-aggressive?” Denise and her husband asked.

“Denise — your wife — said, ‘I didn’t want to bring my kids around this crowd,'” Kyle explained to Phypers. “It’s a passive-aggressive way of saying, like, I don’t trust my kids around you guys.”

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After more back and forth, Phypers told the women, “It’s so simple: Make up, who cares, and move forward with it.”

However, Mellencamp didn’t hold back, replying with a sarcastic “Thank you,” which caused Denise to get fired up and call her a “s**t f**king stirrer” before storming out of the BBQ with her husband.

“Baby, don’t say a f**king word,” Denise told Phypers as they walked out of the dinner; as Richards pointed out, they were “still on camera.”

“Don’t tell me what to say,” he replied. “I’m gonna crush your f**king hand, stop it.”

That moment unsurprisingly stirred conversation on social media, with several of the housewives reacting to the footage on Twitter.

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Check out the clip above before tuning in to new episodes of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Slice.