Comedian W. Kamau Bell wants Conan O’Brien, the TBS network and Caucasian people all around the world to engage in meaningful, long-lasting change.

Bell caught up with O’Brien on Wednesday to offer suggestions on how to better support Black Lives Matter. Bell, 47, said making a post on social media is an incredibly short-term, temporary measure. Instead, people should look into how they can influence things long-term.

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A lot of white people, it’s easy to change your Twitter [avatar] to a black background, or to Black Lives Matter, but eventually you’re going to turn it back to that wacky picture,” Bell asserted. “We need white people to not only do the work but show their work.”

“Fighting white supremacy, being an anti-racist, should be a selfish act because if the world is more equitable and just for black people and people of colour, it’s automatically better for white people,” he continued. “This is truly the rising tide that lifts all boats.”

Bell recommended O’Brien “do a complete internal audit” of his “Conan” show. He added that O’Brien should “ask TBS to do the same thing.”

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‘Where [do] the Black folks work at TBS? Where [do] the people of colour work? And not give me the percentage of the total but what level they are at,” he explained. “How many people at the top level. How many people are at the lowest levels of TBS and my show.”

“A lot of white people are frozen by the ‘I don’t know what to do so I’ll do nothing,'” Bell concluded. “That’s why Black people get brutalized by police officers over and over again, because white people go, ‘That was so bad, I feel so bad,’ but then a couple of weeks later, ‘Back to my yoga classes.'”