Ellie Goulding Says ‘I Am Ashamed That I Didn’t Listen’ More To Voices Of Protest

Ellie Goulding is opening her ears to become a better ally.

On Thursday, the British singer shared a candid post on her Instagram Stories, responding to the ongoing George Floyd protests and the Black Lives Matter movement.

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“After being initially horrified I [spent] the past few days learning and listening, opening my ears to voices that have been protesting this for years and dedicating their lives to it, to voices I am ashamed that I didn’t listen to more, to history I safely and comfortably knew a bit about but not enough,” she wrote.

Ellie Goulding/Instagram
Ellie Goulding/Instagram

“I’m letting you all know that I am now a student of this forever, so that I can become an ally. I am confronting the truths head on. I am recognizing unconscious bias. I am consciously understanding white privilege and how it got the most of us to where we are now,” she continued, adding, “To the protestors out there, I am here for you and here to fight with you.”

Goulding also shared links to organizations that followers can support if they want to get involved in the movement.

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Earlier in the week, Goulding participated in Black Out Tuesday.

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