Dave Chappelle Once Delivered ‘Incredibly Powerful’ Lesson About ‘Racism’ To White Heckler

The renewed Black Lives Matter movement reminds comedian Kenny DeForest about a powerful exchange Dave Chappelle once had with a heckler.

DeForest tweeted the story on Thursday and it has since been retweeted by late-night host Jimmy Kimmel. Chappelle made a surprise appearance at the The Knit comedy club in Brooklyn in 2015 just days after the death of Eric Garner. Chappelle asked the crowd for headlines to riff on. Twice in 15 minutes the subject of police brutality was brought up.

“So Chappelle starts talking about Eric Garner and watching him get murdered in cold blood on camera and how it makes him scared for his children,” he said. “I remember he said ‘I thought body cams would help, but what good is video evidence if y’all don’t care?”

“A clearly privileged white girl (she had a wide-brimmed felt hat for chrissakes) shouts ‘Life’s hard, sorry ’bout it!’ and it takes the air completely out of the room. A collective gasp,” DeForest continued. “Chappelle zeros in on her. ‘What did you say?’ She repeats it. Chappelle starts going in.”

It was not a good day to be that wide-brimmed hat-wearing girl.

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