Jimmy Fallon Shreds Trump Over Plummeting Approval Rating In ‘Tonight’ Monologue

Jimmy Fallon was uncharacteristically serious as he kicked off Thursday night’s at-home edition of “The Tonight Show”, addressing the protests that have been erupting across the globe in response to the death of George Floyd.

He then referenced a recent poll indicating “that President Trump is not doing a very good job.”

Fallon showed footage from an MSNBC broadcast about the poll, indicating Trump now has a 54-per-cent disapproval rating, before joking, “Even worse for Trump, that poll was taken among his kids.”

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He continued: “Right now, Trump seems to be polling somewhere between Jake Paul and that time I decided to grow a moustache for the summer.”

When Trump saw his poll numbers, Fallon joked, “He started crying and was like, ‘I’m not crying, it’s the tear gas from my church photoshoot blowing back in my face.'”

At this point, he added, “Trump should just go for 100 per cent disapproval and take credit for uniting the country. But Trump’s thinking he can turn this around. Tomorrow he’s going to walk to the Vatican, hold up a Bible and say, ‘Okay Pope Francis, now let’s do a silly one.”

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As Fallon pointed out, even notoriously right-wing televangelist Pat Robertson turned on Trump after the photoshoot debacle.

“You know we’re living in crazy times when we’re all agreeing with the guy who once said gay people cause hurricanes,” Fallon quipped.

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