Sam Richardson Tells Conan O’Brien What It Was Like Growing Up In America As A Black Man

Sam Richardson revealed what it was like growing up as a Black person in the U.S. during an appearance on “Conan” Thursday.

Richardson told O’Brien of the protests that he was incredibly angry and upset, “but not surprised or shocked by what’s happening.”

He added, “It’s something that’s been happening forever but now there’s a fight back.”

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The “Veep” star told of the time he was wrongly accused of stealing as a 12-year-old boy, as well as the time a police officer screamed at him for trying to give them information after a drunk driver crashed their car.

As O’Brien asked how he lived with that kind of anger, the actor replied: “We all have to. If we were all to show the amount of frustration and fear that we feel, we wouldn’t be able to exist in society.”

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Richardson also used an “Avengers” quote to get his point across, where the Hulk told Captain America: “I’m always angry.”

“I’m always angry,” the star shared. “I can’t let that anger dictate my life, and stop me from experiencing life. That’s true for all of us. There’s no way we can see what happens in the world and watch these cases of violence against us and not be angry.

“And these things boil over. What we’re watching right now is things boiling over.”

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