‘Tiger King’ Songwriter Shares New Song ‘Killer Carole’ After Scoring Record Deal

The man responsible for the music of “Tiger King” has just scored a new record deal.

Vince Johnson’s songs from the Netflix series will be turned into an album, as part of his deal with BMG Rights Management and Create Music Group.

Johnson originally became involved with “Tiger King” after responding to an ad by Joe Exotic. The big-cat breeder wanted someone to write a theme song for his zoo. Johnson was behind viral songs featured in the series, such as “I Saw a Tiger” and “Here Kitty Kitty”.

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The songwriter has also just released a new track called “Killer Carole”.

The lyrics of the song include questions: “Was he chewed in little pieces in the belly of the beast?” and “Was the weapon a meat-grinder, a bullet, or a bat/Would a woman kill a man and feed him to her cat?”

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The tune arrives the same week as strange developments in the case of Baskin’s missing husband Don Lewis.

In an interview with 10 Tampa Bay news, Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister said that his department have confirmed that Lewis’s will was actually a forgery.

The will in question includes a clause stating that in the event of Lewis’s disappearance, Baskin would inherit all of his assets.

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According to Sheriff Chronister, two experts who looked at the will concluded that it was a fake and that this was something officers already knew. They are following up on new leads in the case.

However, the sheriff threw cold water on some fans’ hope that these developments will lead to Baskin’s arrest, explaining that the statute of limitations had already passed.

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