Stephen Colbert is having his say on the actions taken by law enforcement during Black Lives Matter protests across the United States.

The “Late Show” host denounced police for administering tear gas and rubber bullets on civilians during demonstrations.

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The TV host shared clips of protests, noting that the “vast majority” of events have been peaceful.

“Please don’t buy the false narrative that these are lawless mobs,” he said.

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Colbert asserted that rubber bullets are “more bullet than rubber,” explaining to viewers how they can “maim, blind, and even kill.

“That’s why law enforcement doesn’t call them ‘non-lethal’. They call them ‘less-lethal’ ammunition. Less-Lethal Ammunition, from the makers of Arsenic Lite! Most of the poison, none of the guilt.”

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Colbert also condemned the forceful tactics used by authorities at a protest outside the White House on Monday, June 1.