Sylvester Stallone Says His ‘Rocky IV’ Fight Against Dolph Lundgren Is The ‘Best Boxing Fight In The History Of Cinema’

Sylvester Stallone is giving “Rocky IV” and co-star Dolph Lundgren some high praise on Instagram.

Almost 35 years after the release of the fan favourite entry in the “Rocky” franchise, Stallone is calling Rocky’s fight against Lundgren’s Ivan Drago the “best boxing fight in the history of cinema.”

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“Enjoying training together, a week later we were beating the hell out of each other!” he writes on a series of images, also recalling Carl Weathers’ character Apollo Creed. “I remember when Drago and Creed got into [an] angry shoving match for REAL between rounds and Drago angrily shoved him HARD in the chest and heaved him into his corner… Apollo wanted no part of it! He left the ring…”

Stallone conceived the legendary boxing character for the first “Rocky” film in 1976, earning both a screenwriting and Best Actor Oscar nomination. “Rocky IV” is much-loved by fans for it’s intense and emotional final fight scene between Rocky and Drago following the death of his friend, Apollo Creed. The whole scene is filmed in a single take.

Stallone comments on the film come as a new trailer for a documentary on the 40-year history of the franchise is released.

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Narrated by Stallone, “40 Years Of Rocky: The Birth Of A Classic” has the actor recount the making of the first film and its lasting legacy through archival footage and clips from the movie. The 1976 film was a sleeper hit, grossing over $220 million on a $1 million budget, earning a total of 10 Academy Award nominations, winning three. “Rocky” would go on to spawn a number of sequels and the spin-off “Creed” starring Michael B. Jordan as Apollo Creed’s son.

Watch the trailer for the documentary which will be released on June 9 below.



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