Billy Porter is speaking out on behalf of the Black LGBTQ+ community.

On Thursday, the “Pose” star shared a powerful video to his Instagram page, where he spoke about his personal experience with racial injustice as a queer Black man amid nationwide protests following the death of George Floyd.

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“As Black people, we risk our lives every time we leave our homes. As queer people of colour that risk is doubled,” Porter explained. “We move about our days sucking it up, hiding our pain and terror from the world, trying to make ourselves small, so white people and straight people feel comfortable.”

He added, “Our parents try to prepare us for the realities of this world: the fact that the playing field is not levelled, the laws that protect white people do not do the same for us, and that we have to be at least 10 times better at anything we choose to do in life to simply get in the rooms where things happen.”

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While sharing his message of solidarity, the actor also addressed the recent senseless attack on Iyanna Dior, a Black trans woman who was beaten by a group of cisgender men during a peaceful protest in Minneapolis.

“LGBTQ+  black folks are black people too. Our lives matter too,” he said. “So this is my response to those of y’all who don’t understand that… F*** you! And yes, I’m cussing. It’s time for cussing.”

Porter went on, “To all my homophobic and transphobic brothers and sisters, get your f***ing houses in order.”