Three years after the controversial commercial was taken off the air, Kendall Jenner’s 2017 Pepsi ad is back in the headlines.

During the ongoing #BlackLivesMatter protests, some demonstrators recreated the spot and it did not go as planned.

Jenner and Pepsi received backlash for the ad when it dropped ahead of the Super Bowl. In it, Jenner ditches a photoshoot to join a protest with a can of the soft drink in hand. Later on it the commercial, she hands it over to a police officer on duty.

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But at a demonstration in Los Angeles on Friday, Everett Byram attempted to re-enact the clip but was shut down.

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kardashian thing didn’t work

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“Hey, you guys, like a Kardashian over here, hey, look, it’s a Pepsi, want Pepsi? Have it!” Byram says to the police in the new version. “Have a Pepsi, dude!”

After the police officer tells Byram he appreciates the gesture, he tells him to back up.

“But it helped in the commercial,” Byram adds.

Another protester’s attempt was shared on Twitter. “I can’t believe someone actually did it,” they wrote.