An Even Grumpier Cat Is Becoming The Latest Social Media Sensation

Grumpy Cat was an internet phenom for years, boasting a hilarious ticked-off expression that was marketed, merchandised and even featured in the 2014 TV movie “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever”.

Sadly, Grumpy Cat — whose real name was Tardar Sauce — passed away in 2019.

However, a new kitty is poised to become the original Grumpy Cat’s successor, an even grumpier cat named Kitzia, whose withering gaze is enough to put fear into even the sturdiest heart.

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Kitizia belongs to photographer Viktoriia Otdielnova, notes Bored Panda, and the photos that she’s posted on the @grumpy_kitzia Instagram page have already drawn 58,000 followers.

Check out some of the posts that are turning the furious feline into an Internet sensation:

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