Skai Jackson Is Exposing Teen Racists, Naming Names And Bringing Receipts

Skai Jackson is doing her part toward achieving racial equality.

The former Disney Channel star, 18, took to Twitter to share a message — and, for anyone planning to make racist remarks on social media — a warning.

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Noting that she’s seen some “horrific statements” and videos on social media made by Caucaisan teenagers, she wrote, “Let me say this: If I see you post it, I WILL expose you!! If you think you’re big and bad enough to say it, I will most definitely put your own words on blast.”

Changing her Twitter name to “queen of exposing racist,” Jackson has been busy after asking her followers to point her in the direction of any racist posts they encounter.

Jackson is not playing around. She’s doing some serious sleuthing to find out who these people are, where they go to school and other personal info about them, and putting it all out there for the world to see.

One of Jackson’s tweets outed a student attending Texas Christian University, which responded by declaring that the student in question has been reported “to the appropriate staff members.”


Jackson’s efforts earned her a shoutout from former “Community” star Yvette Nicole Brown.


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